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What is

The fine folks at Watercare have excellent real-time data on their water storage lakes, but I wanted to see all of the water levels at the same time on the same page - so I made this website.

Where do you get the data from?

I get the data from the Watercare website.

Who owns the data?

Watercare are the full copyright holders of the data, however they allow their material to be used for personal, informational or non-commercial use without fee or further permission.

Where are Auckland's storage lakes?

Five of them located northwest of Auckland in the Waitākere Ranges, two near Helensville, four to the southeast in the Hūnua Ranges, and one east of Papakura.

View a map of Auckland's dams

What are the names of Auckland's dams?

  • Cosseys Dam
  • Hays Creek Dam
  • Lower Huia Dam
  • Lower Nihotupu Dam
  • Mangatangi Dam
  • Upper Huia Dam
  • Upper Mangatawhiri Dam
  • Upper Nihotupu Dam
  • Wairoa Dam
  • Waitakere Dam

Where can I learn more about Auckland's dams?

You should check out Watercare's website for more detailed information on Auckland's dams.

Does Auckland get all of its water from storage lakes?

No. It also relies on water from aquifers and rivers.

The Waikato River has historically supplied approximately 33% of Auckland's water needs.

You should check out Watercare's website for more information regarding Auckland's water supply mix.

Who do I contact about this website?

You can find me on Twitter.